Vail Daily letter: Re-instate Stavney |

Vail Daily letter: Re-instate Stavney

As noted in Pam Boyd’s Dec. 1 article, the circumstances surrounding the suspension of Eagle Town Manager Jon Stavney remain mysterious. Mr. Stavney has moved out of his office, and it appears the Town Board intends to turn his suspension into termination.

One has to wonder — what desperate circumstances required the Town Board to act precipitously just four months before Jon’s contact is up for renewal and before five Town Board members (including three that have been appointed) are up for election?

The citizens I know think Jon has done an admirable job. They have no information on which to conclude that the suspension is truly in the town’s best interest. Has Jon’s performance been so dismal that the board is prepared to have the town clerk act as manager for many months until a new town manager is appointed — a period of time that includes an election the board has already called to increase sales tax in Eagle? Has the board considered the impact of the town engineer’s resignation? (That position is unlikely to be filled until after a new town manager is appointed.) Is the board intending to dismiss Jon Stavney “for cause,” which would undoubtedly provoke a legal fight, costing the town many thousands of dollars? Is the board intending to pay Jon his six months severance instead of simply not extending his contract in four months? (The latter hardly seems an exercise in prudent management.)

The reality is that many town citizens trust Jon more than they trust this board, two of whom were censured by the Colorado Independent Ethics Board and three of whom were appointed, not elected.

The right solution is to reinstate Jon Stavney at least through the April election. Those up for re-election can then tell the citizens whether they want a new manager and why, and the citizens can decide whom they trust.

I encourage all Eagle’s citizens to email the Town Board of Trustees ( and demand that the board reinstate Jon at least through the April election. Then the citizens can weigh in on who should go — Town Board members or Jon Stavney.

Jamie Harrison

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