Vail Daily letter: Realities change |

Vail Daily letter: Realities change

Barbara Allen’s letters to the editor are boring me. The legalization of marijuana in this state is a new reality in which we’re living. “Wishing” that it weren’t so isn’t a productive strategy. Working collaboratively with her community and elected officials on how to best regulate and adapt to this new (voter demanded) reality would be far more productive than her voluminous and vitriolic letters to the editor. Her carelessness in trashing the personal character of local community members and elected officials says more about her own character than those she insults. Time marches on and realities change. I’m not a fan of Ebola either, but it’s here. Ranting from the bleachers and wishing it weren’t so won’t stop a deadly virus. Scientists working towards a solution will. Extrapolate.

Jeremy Rietmann


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