Vail Daily letter: Really? |

Vail Daily letter: Really?

Joe Kania (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 29) — really? You might have many reasons to disagree with Butch Mazzuca’s commentaries; even I don’t always agree with his positions, and I’m his wife. But really, to take a wonderful story about a magical encounter with a wild elephant in Southern Africa and twist it into a political dissertation about Republicans — give me a break. Writing commentaries for a newspaper makes one a target — both Butch and I realize that comes with the territory. But is it really necessary to make sarcastic personal attacks because your beliefs differ?

By the way, Joe, what exactly was your point? You obviously take the time to read his commentaries. And if you disagree with him that much why not call him or send an email or better yet, put some thought into an intelligent rebuttal, articulate it clearly and send it in to the Daily? When it comes to substance or sarcasm, I’ll take substance — it’s the adult thing to do.

Bobbi Bryson

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