Vail Daily letter: Reflection of our society |

Vail Daily letter: Reflection of our society

J.P. Kacy’s (Letters to the Editor, April 1) two deceased horses are a reflection of what our society has become in this digital and media-focused age. They are victims of our obsession for entertainment, our hedonistic proclivities to recreate, and the endemic fears that we have to live our own lives in the stead of fantasizing through the lives of others – witness the attraction of “dog fighting,” the brutal rodeo events, the orcas at SeaWorld, the machismo of big game hunting, and yes, skijoring. Two things these entertainment venues have in common are, one, the Colosseum spectators with their “thumbs down” in unison, and, two, the creatures who fall victim to our blood lust for competitive entertainment. Dogs are bred and meant to fight or work when there is a need to beneficially serve their masters (a war dog, a service dog, a guard dog, etc.). A whale is denizen of the sea and not of a swimming pool. A lion, such as Cecil, is meant to roam on the savannah and kill or be killed in accordance with the laws of nature – not the weapons of a man for the sake of becoming a “man.” And skiing should be restricted to those who voluntarily recreate in the sport — which is alien to the well being of a horse. If you ski, then ski at your own risk and not that of the horse.

So J.P., until we can put our popcorn down, shut off our iPhone, or switch off the TV, we will live our lives vicariously from reality, and remain immune from the suffering and hardships we visit upon those of a “lesser God”.

Fredric Butler

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