Vail Daily letter: Registration deadline nears |

Vail Daily letter: Registration deadline nears

I know, I know, it’s family time, Christmastime and “Star Wars” debut and football, fresh powder, but … there is another important deadline looming — voter registration.

1. Declare a party affiliation.

2. Register to vote (with party affiliation).

3. Update your address.

Before Dec. 31 in order to participate in the Colorado Super Tuesday (March 1) caucus. This is so you will have a say in the nomination process.

Go to

Don’t wait, go to the link now so you don’t forget. Then you won’t regret not being able to cast a vote for your favorite. It only takes a few minutes. Seriously. It’s for your future, the USA’s future. Seriously.

(Deadline is actually Jan. 4, according to the Colorado SOS office. I assume due to holidays. But again, don’t wait, just do it now.)

Debbie K. Marquez

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