Vail Daily letter: Reject Minturn plan |

Vail Daily letter: Reject Minturn plan

I gotta say, the greed of developers never ceases to amaze me!

After being denied once before for a land swap deal with the Forest Service, now the greedy little developers of Battle Mountain are trying to get their grubby little hands all over Minturn and the surrounding area to turn it into another Avon? That’s too bad because we already have one Avon, and honestly, Avon is nothing to aspire to as small mountain towns go. Avon sold its soul years ago to another developer; let’s hope the Forest Service doesn’t allow it to happen again in Minturn!

Now this developer is using buzzwords like “affordable housing” and “employee housing” to make their new land swap proposal seem more attractive or justified. Don’t be fooled, people; their new focus isn’t on open space and affordable housing, or even saving Meadow Mountain — it’s all about them making money by moving their development as close to Minturn and Interstate 70 as possible to maximize their investment at the expense of the environment, wildlife and the residents who live here.

Do we really need more hotels with more low-paying jobs and commercial developments, crowds and pollution that will inevitably follow?

They say we can’t stop progress. Maybe not, but I bet we can sure slow it down and do a better job controlling it to better suit our needs.

Meadow Mountain is already protected and preserved. Let’s keep it that way.

I urge everyone to get involved in this matter and voice their opinion on any land swap deal in Minturn, and I urge the Forest Service and the town of Minturn to reject any deal as well.

Jim Bahan

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