Vail Daily letter: Remarkable leadership |

Vail Daily letter: Remarkable leadership

Like most conservatives, Dick Gustafson has a severe case of political myopia; he can’t see the forest for the trees. In his latest disparaging comments about Obama he concludes that Obama is basically an inveterate and habitual liar and then makes the incredibly silly suggestion that any potential Democratic presidential nominee will also be a liar, simply by association. He longs for the day when leaders with strong moral and ethical backbones will once again ascend to political power; people I guess like Nixon, Agnew, Cheney, and “W” Bush, those paragons of virtue and integrity.

Well, let’s look at some facts (or lies, depending on your viewpoint). When “W” left office he had presided over an economy that, after eight years, saw him increase spending by over 700 percent; turn a $63 billion surplus into a $1.413 trillion deficit, which was 10 percent of GDP; increase the national debt by $6.1 trillion more than doubling the debt from $5.08 trillion to $11.9 trillion; increase unemployment from 5.7 to 10 percent; increase jobs by a whopping 1.1 million; watch the stock market bottom out at 6,549; deregulate the financial industry resulting in the financial collapse of 2008; alienate just about all our allies by engaging unilaterally in two attempts at nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan; and cap it all off by donning a flight suit in front of a “mission accomplished” banner on an aircraft carrier. Would you call that great leadership, Dick?

Well, here’s what that spineless, lying, socialist, non-American Obama has accomplished after six years with virtually no help from Republicans. The deficit has been reduced from $1.413 trillion in 2008, to $680 billion at the end of 2013; a drop of 10 to 4.1 percent of GDP. Annual spending has actually decreased by .01 percent from $3.518 trillion in 2009 to $3.45 trillion in 2013, primarily due to an increase in revenue and a decrease in spending. The national debt is still increasing, but at a decreasing rate of 42 percent, no easy feat for any president. Unemployment has been reduced by 39 percent, from 10 percent in February, 2009 to 6.1 percent at the end of June. Over the past 52 consecutive months employment has increased by an average of 185,000 jobs a month resulting in the creation of over 9.2 million jobs. The stock market has increased by 160 percent, to a record setting 17,055 on July 3. The U.S. is no longer “nation building” getting out of two disastrous ventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, and not getting involved in Syria. Just for kicks I might mention that the U.S. taxpayer as reaped a $30 billion profit from all the bailouts associated with the 2008 economic collapse and the automobile industry is back on its feet achieving record profits. No blustering, no bragging, no chest thumping, just trying to rectify the mess “W” left. Has it been perfect? Absolutely not. But it’s all been done without the help of the Republicans. Under the circumstances I’d call that remarkable leadership.

I’ll tell you what Dick, if Republicans stop telling lies about Democrats, Democrats will stop telling the truth about Republicans.

Denny Geraghty

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