Vail Daily letter: Remove incumbents |

Vail Daily letter: Remove incumbents

Some blame the immigration issue, some blame the tea party movement, and some even blame Eric Cantor for his political demise, primarily. I see a different tale being told, and that being a political upheaval in the making by the millions of Americans who expect more from their governments than what has been “sold” to them in the past. When the second most powerful man in the US House spends over $5 million toward his re-election campaign to his opponent’s measly $200,000, and when that incumbent representative has a national reputation with his constituents to that of a literally unknown professor of economics from a little known college, one would think that there would not even be a race to be run for that seat in Virginia. But 55 percent of the vote in favor of the unknown to 44 percent for the incumbent forebodes something ominous for any incumbent senator or representative, federal or state. Ergo, you simply cannot buy your seat, and forget the will of the people.

For the last six years we have suffered the incompetence, the corruption and incessant scandals of the Democratic administration and its “rubber stamp” US Senate. Those of us who are not in the employment of the government or are supported by it through entitlements have discerned that the system has not and is not working for the people. The “system” is a vast bureaucracy spawned by the joint efforts of the executive and legislative branches. I mean, the president illegally acts through executive orders and the Legislature simply does not act and ignores the dereliction of a rogue president. The sea “change” I see is a changing of representative and senators en masse be they Republican or Democrat. By removing incumbents can we do any worse? Can we devise a better domestic policy? Can we at least articulate a foreign policy? Can we restore pride in being known as an “American” on the world’s stage?

Rather than voting a straight ticket, Republican or Democrat, owing to a lack of intellect, would it be more productive to simply remove incumbents from the mix, and vote on meaningful issues to reset and restart the economy, to conserve and utilize our domestic resources for the benefit of Americans, and to maybe, just maybe, save a few soldiers’ lives or limbs in ill-begotten and inane “conflicts” declared by executive order — the Constitution would define these as “wars” to be declared by Congress. A vote cast for the party only perpetuates the status quo; a vote cast for a change in Congress requires the removal of the incumbents that only promise change, rather than producing it.

Fredric Butler

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