Vail Daily letter: Replace the captain, crew |

Vail Daily letter: Replace the captain, crew

Collectively, the behavior of our elected officials in Washington these days reminds me of a mixed-race, multi-lingual, inner-city kindergarten classroom that is undisciplined, totally out of control and badly in need of an experienced teacher to bring order out of the chaos.

While our representatives in Washington fiddle over petty house rules and divisive party politics, the rest of the country is burning as a consequence of the uncertainty, indecision and lost opportunity that our so-called leaders continue to generate and foist upon the rest of us.

Recently, China’s apparently successful soft-landing of an unmanned rover on the moon’s surface should be yet another wake-up call that the United States is in decline, and is in danger of losing its pre-eminent position not only as the world’s leader in space exploration, but also in many related fields of science, technology, education and medicine, as well as failing to meet the basic human needs of a significant percentage of its own population.

When faced with a threat and the need for quick action, it takes a fully loaded super-tanker a long time to alter course; and at least five miles to come to a complete stop. So it is with our ship of state whose captain is showing signs that he is badly off-course and could have attended the same maritime academy as the captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia that came to grief last year on the rocks off Giglio Island. There are also strong indications that most of his crew in the House and Senate didn’t learn the basics that are taught in kindergarten. Take some, pass some, leave some.

A wise and seasoned captain will study all available charts and weather reports to know the waters he is sailing in and will keep his ship on a steady and well-planned course and out of danger. For the good of the nation, it is time that the real owners of the ship of state, we the people, recognized the incompetence and self-dealing of our leaders and voted to replace the captain and most of his crew with far more reasonable and experienced sailors who will take the helm and be ordered to alter course toward deeper and less troubled water.

Peter Bergh


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