Vail Daily letter: Republicans spend more |

Vail Daily letter: Republicans spend more

Butch (Mazzuca, Valley Voices, Monday’s Vail Daily), good try on dazzling readers with numbers on the debt and how it appears Democrats are the big spenders. Here’s another way to look at which party is “the great spender.” Under Bush the federal debt increased from $5.8 trillion to $11.9 trillion. That’s an increase of $6.1 trillion. You’re right that Obama has increased the debt from $11.9 trillion to about $18.6 trillion, close to a $7 trillion increase in about seven years. So if you just look at numbers Obama has spent about $1 trillion more. But if you look at the percentages it’s a different story. In eight years Bush increased the debt by 105 percent. By comparison Obama has increased the debt by 59 percent. It’s doubtful that Obama in his remaining 14 months will increase spending to even come close to Bush.

Also, consider the following. No matter who is president the national debt will always increase because 70 percent of the debt is made up of mandatory spending; Social Security (35 percent), Medicare/Medicaid (29 percent), and interest on the debt (6 percent).

Eight thousand people a day are turning 65 every year (roughly 2.9 million a year). It’s absolutely naive to think the debt is going to stop increasing. All you can do is slow it down and that is what Obama has been doing. Yes, the debt is increasing, but at a decreasing rate. That’s what’s important. In addition the annual deficit has been decreasing from $1.41 trillion to $680 billion.

It’s also relevant to note that from 1952-2009, no Republican president has ever reduced the debt. In fact Republicans have always increased the debt. Also no Republican congress since 1947 has ever reduced the debt. If you want to really appreciate where the debt got out of hand all you have to do is look at the debt increase under Reagan. Under Carter the debt increased by 43 percent. Under Reagan it increased by 186 percent. That’s what happens when you lower taxes and increase spending. The only thing that happens when you lower taxes is revenues decline. When spending exceed revenues and you don’t raise taxes you have to borrow. Borrowing leads to increased debts. Republicans never learn. They still believe in the myth of the Trickle Down theory.

Here’s another interesting fact. There have been nine presidents since JFK. Four Democrats and five Republicans. The percent increase in the national debt under Democrats has been 13 percent under LBJ, 43 percent under Carter, 32 percent under Clinton,and 59 percent under Obama. Under Republicans the increase in the national debt has been 34 percent under Nixon, 47 percent under Ford, 186 percent under Reagan, 57 percent under H,W. Bush, and 105 percent under W. Bush. Any questions as to which party is the biggest spender?

One other fact you might want to investigate. Spending under Obama has been virtually flat annually from 2009-2015. As a matter of fact it’s decreased by about .05 percent.

The plain fact is Republicans borrow and spend excessively and Democrats have a better record of controlling and reducing spending.

Denny Geraghty


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