Vail Daily letter: Require bells on bikes |

Vail Daily letter: Require bells on bikes

This past Sunday I noticed a woman with bandages on her knees and scratches on her face. Someone nearby asked her what had happened. Her husband reported that she had been “run over” by a bicyclist.

Later that day I watched young mountain bikers ride their bikes through the Farmers Market, just missing people who were intent on enjoying the busy atmosphere and not thinking they had to be concerned about bikes.

I live a good part of the summer in Vail and have for many years. This year I have seen a growing disregard for safe bike behavior. In fact, one evening I had to ask three boys to stop riding their bikes down a set of stairs, sliding/wheeling into the crowds walking near the bus stop at La Bottega.

I lived in Vienna, Austria, for several years and learned that before I could ride my bike on the streets, it had to have a bell. It was the law that as you approached someone, you had to ring the bell. It was much better than a voice saying “on your right/left.”

I suggest the Town Council consider making bells on bikes the law with a campaign to ensure riders use them.

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Pamla H. Moore

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