Vail Daily letter: Responsible spending |

Vail Daily letter: Responsible spending

This letter is to clarify the “lies and hypocrisy” Mr. Joe Staufer wrote about in his letter to the editor Oct. 13.

I would like to first point out that the “vicious attack” pieces he has received weekly have not come from my campaign as he stated. He would be better informed had he taken the time to look for the senders’ information, which can be found very clearly on each mailer.

Secondly, I would like to point out that the real hypocrisy comes from Mr. Staufer himself when he states that I have increased spending by 70 percent during my time as mayor of Orchard City. The fact that he read that from an attack mailer against myself and then believed it to be true is comical. The truth again can easily be found, but let me explain here: I have been mayor since 2006 and in that time the town of Orchard City has never once operated in the red. I have always made sure that the town budget is run like any household budget. We have made sure to save before we spend and only spend what we have budgeted. We were able to save the funds in my first term as mayor to pay for some much-needed failing infrastructure projects in my second term. Some major projects have included: Installing an outtake diversion from an existing reservoir, construction of a seven-mile water transmission line, installing new playground equipment at the town park, upgrading our water treatment plant, construction of a new storage facility and a garage stall for an additional fire truck at the fire station. The residents in the town of Orchard City are benefitting greatly from these finished projects and each project was paid for while keeping a 10-year reserve in the bank.

I have been very open and honest about each issue that matters here in District 5 and I would appreciate if you would find out the truth either at or by simply calling me at 970-234-3843.

Don Suppes

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