Vail Daily letter: Results Down Under |

Vail Daily letter: Results Down Under

With mid-terms upon us, and re-emergence of Mitt Romney, I wanted to share 24-month results Down Under since his look-alike, John Key, was elected there. His platform was decidedly Romney-esque:

• Less government and regulations.

• Less borrowing and subsequent debt renegotiation.

• Privatization of unprofitable government entities.

• Legalization of prostitution and taxation thereof.

• Unfettered re-analysis and audit/reform of bulky entitlement programs.

The 24-month results?

• Removal of 34 percent national debt.

• Cuts in unemployment over 56 percent.

• Unprofitable government agencies sold to highest bidders, eliminating 28 percent of public debt (post office here would be a good start)

Understand that New Zealand has always had 98 percent voter turnout (requiring valid ID also!) or be fined $98 for non-participation. The country then can assume that the prevailing party really gets the popular vote.

Convincing? Want to move there? Google “New Zealand Embassy.” Why am I here, and not there? It’s still a very liberal place, New Zealand, like a giant Boulder … for now.

Off there with my 12-year-old for Thanksgiving (they don’t celebrate that, but I’m working on it!).

Patrick Mitchell


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