Vail Daily letter: Reverse materialism |

Vail Daily letter: Reverse materialism

“What will it take to defeat ISIS?”

According to cable news networks, this central question is the dominant concern occupying mind and heart of Westerners, but most importantly, those innocents most vulnerable residing in the eastern Mediterranean.

Upon employment of that most elementary psychological principle (common sense), revenge occurs when a person (or group) experiences unfair or unjust treatment and reacts with violence in absence of right reason.

In the ideal, the matter ought to have been resolved by an independent, unbiased, decider.

However, if offered opinions and final decisions defer to interests of mere power, supported by wealth, denying actual justice, supported by clear conscience, the result is flawed, furthering the prospect of continued violence.

Within the long history of mankind, it may be said with great accuracy that economic injustice is the root cause underlying it many evils.

Years ago, when America began its grand pursuit of Middle Eastern oil, the then U. S. president’s chief of staff, a former chairman of Merrill Lynch, publicly referred to the Arabic population as “rug merchants.”

This was an obvious, arrogant display of “exaltation” in which “rich and powerful” Americans were considered among mankind as superior to its “humble” lessers who did not “correctly” view money as the rightful idol of worship.

Were one to ask today’s supremely dedicated post-modern Western capitalist who wears expensive suits and works in tall buildings if he is in agreement with the requirements of the Old Testament Decalogue, his hesitant response would likely be: “Well … some of them.”

And yet, it seems to remain a mystery to so many why the vengeful have come to hate America and why they symbolically chose to attack its tall buildings.

“For he who exalts himself shall be humbled.”

And, this is not a trite quote from People Magazine.

How to defeat American’s enemies? Perhaps America needs to come to terms with itself.

Is it raising its children in a spirit of cooperation, or in conflict? Do America’s children awake each morning in happy, healthy homes, giving thanks, eager to be schooled in the noble virtues of beauty, truth and justice?

Are they taught the philosophical and theological concept of love? Do they learn that they have been created, and are not self-evolved? Are they taught that nature has been given to them as a divine gift to respect and not exploit? Are America’s children taught that they have been innately empowered in being closest to God in having most recently come from him?

Are these children given the wisdom to question in spirit and intellect much of the now-suspect authority of their adult superiors? And in that wisdom, are they being led to recognize where to place their trust?

For all of the “incorporating” methods within America among politics, economics, law, and even religion, have led Americans into national and international disaster from which they will not recover unless they reverse their materialistic aims and undertake a humanistic view.

Art Allard


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