Vail Daily letter: Revival of ranch heritage |

Vail Daily letter: Revival of ranch heritage

Revival of Eagle Valley’s ranch heritage is favored by many. The top three Democratic Committee members have expressed preference for grass-fed beef — hence, ranches.

On June 10, a strategic planning session was held at the county administrative building. Open Space Advisory Committee members and the county commissioners attended. The purpose was to express ideas about what Eagle County should look like 50 to 75 years from now. The meeting lasted two hours and 59 minutes. Ranches were mentioned repeatedly.

On Aug. 7, an Edwards community meeting was held at Battle Mountain High School, with 120 people in attendance. One of the questions posed was, “ How important to you is the preservation of agricultural uses (like those in Lake Creek and Squaw Creek) in the Edwards area?” The community members were asked to put dots under the statements they agreed with.

The statement about ag land received more dots than any other statement.

In the Aug. 10 Vail Daily, Toby Sprunk was questioned about the Colorado River Ranch. He said: “ The ranchers who have been here forever are satisfied that they will continue to have their ranches as they have always had. And you can enjoy a piece of beef from the Colorado River Ranch. When the health-conscious folks we have here in Eagle County get wind of how good this grass-fed beef is, they’re going to love this deal, too.”

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Barbara Allen

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