Vail Daily letter: Ridiculous column by Carnes |

Vail Daily letter: Ridiculous column by Carnes

Is there a subconsciously inspired message to the readership of the Vail Daily when it publishes two commentaries by its fair-haired boys within a week that disparage GOP members for daring to question even one of the of the many and inane, foreign and profligate policies of Obama?

First off the presses was that of Rev. Van Ens, and now of late, we have Richard Carnes in lockstep by castigating the GOP for its criticism of President Putin in “snubbing” President Obama. What a spin Mr. Carnes has on the facts. It was Obama who snubbed Putin by rejecting the G20 Summit to which Obama had been invited.

Putin gave asylum to a whistle-blower (Snowden) that revealed the NSA’s secretive program of indiscriminately spying on all Americans clearly in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. Is this the act of a criminal or a concerned American? Carnes had no comment on this revelation!

Rather than going to the summit (or high-road) to address more profound and momentous issues that confront the world at large, Obama took it personally, adolescently and refused to play by taking his marbles home, so to speak, all for the reason that Snowden spilled the beans about his (Obama’s) illegal activity.

The real point that was promulgated by Mr. Carnes, and that was his agenda, is that it is more important to mankind to extradite, prosecute, convict and imprison one American who only revealed the classified truth instead of discussing mundane things that confront us all at a summit, like: the state of the world’s economy, the Iranian nuclear threat, the bellicose threats by North Korea, and so on. Childish ego won out over providence and common sense.

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Although I am a registered Republican, I am an individual with common sense. If I were Obama, I would swallow my pride, mask my arrogance, and make plans to go to St. Petersburg for the summit, and while there, I would plan on meeting Mr. Snowden personally — really get to know his motives, his patriotism, and his self-sacrificing activities. Maybe I’d even have a cup of “tea” with him.

Mr. Carnes says that I respect a “communist leader more than the President of the United States.” I respect neither, since both have the same political and social persuasion (Putin, however, is more open, honest and transparent about it). Contrary to what Carnes maintains, I do not “lust” after Mr. Putin when he “rides horses and fishes without his shirt” any more than I do Anthony Wiener for his package. These are simply ridiculous assertions by Carnes, albeit, they do make the commentary columns in the Vail Daily.

I do, however, acknowledge Mr. Putin for his humanity in protecting a fellow American (Snowden) from the Obama persecution that awaits him at home were asylum not granted. Mr. Carnes, himself, might address the humanity of it all (the American people) rather than eulogize Mr. Obama at every turn. In this, my small letter to the editor may not carry the import that the commentary of Mr. Carnes may have with the Vail Daily, however, let it modestly speak for a Grand Old Party.

Fredric Butler


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