Vail Daily letter: Ridiculous idea |

Vail Daily letter: Ridiculous idea

I would like to expand on the letter Tom Howard wrote today (Wednesday’s Vail Daily). I have been in the valley for 17 years and West Beaver Creek Boulevard was just fine the way it was. This change is definitely not “user friendly” — in fact I think it is hazardous, not to mention claustrophobic.

Yesterday I was getting ready to turn into the post office when a car came zipping past me on the right, in the bicycle lane, and turned right before me. Had I not seen the car, I would have hit it. With only one way in and out of the post office, it creates a traffic jam.

When exiting back onto West Beaver Creek Boulevard from the post office, it is impossible to see if it is safe to turn when there are cars parked to your right and left without creeping out way past where you are supposed to.

I understand that this is a “test” and a ridiculous idea. I hope it will terminate soon — reverting to its former state.

Joni Maxwell

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