Vail Daily letter: Right choice for commissioner

The Eagle County Democratic Party Vacancy Committee, under the leadership of Pat Hammon, conducted a comprehensive, transparent process to select a county commissioner to fill Jon Stavney’s seat on the Board of County Commissioners. Any of the five exceptional applicants would have made a fine commissioner.

Why some think that having three women commissioners is a problem puzzles me. Are they not as smart, competent or responsible as men? Until Johnette Phillips was elected, the board consisted of men only. As far as I know, the gender of the previous board members was never questioned. If the situation were reversed and there were two men already on the board, few would think twice about appointing or electing another man. Why should it be any different with women?

My congratulations to Kathy Chandler-Henry, one of the most accomplished and committed people I know. I view her appointment as not only wise, but as an historic, ground-breaking occasion and look forward to seeing Eagle County prosper in all ways under the new Board of County Commissioners.

Carole Onderdonk

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