Vail Daily letter: Right to life |

Vail Daily letter: Right to life

I would like to thank Richard J. Panter, of Glenwood Springs, for his commentary called “We have a choice” (Letters to the Editor, Sept. 30). I totally agree with his article. I am so glad someone brought up some of these questions. What about the baby’s rights?

I have had three experiences on this subject. First of all, I know a young 17-year-old girl that chose to give life to her baby and made the decision to have someone adopt this child. It was hard but through Catholic Charities, her daughter was given a good home. Another girl of about 20 chose to have an abortion. Not telling her family, she went with a friend and aborted her child. Which of these two girls will have regrets later? The next case is absolutely horrible to me. I was standing next to two women of about 25 and overheard their conversation. One woman told the other that she was so glad she had an abortion before she came to Colorado. She said the baby and morning sickness would have just destroyed her vacation and skiing!

Can we trust women to make a rational decision about abortion? No one seems to tell them this is murder. Cory Gardner remembers that the babies have a right to life. They don’t get a judge or jury to decide if they live or die. I want to live in a society where babies and the elderly are treated with much more respect.

Shirley White


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