Vail Daily letter: Rogers was wrong

I love your paper and read it every day when I am at Beaver Creek. I am, however, very unhappy with your recent editorial ridiculing Beaver Creek homeowners for their opposition to the proposed roller coaster to be built on that beautiful mountain. NIMBY is not a pejorative when referring to a roller coaster or a “mountain flyer.” My God, what greater purpose does this monstrosity serve? Mr. Lovell of Vail Resorts says it “will allow a broader and more diverse group of kids and their families to enjoy and experience Beaver Creek.” Beaver Creek charges $126 per day to ski. It is obviously not meant for a broad segment of any society.

You also suggest that Beaver Creek homeowners are somehow elite and live at a place that you can’t afford. Well, I can afford to be there because I have busted my fanny working for 40 years, the first five of which saw no vacations and 80-hour weeks, the next five few vacations and still long hours. I still work and will travel over 200,000 miles internationally this year. Said another way, I have earned every penny I have and will not apologize to anyone for my success. Oh, by the way, I think I am a very typical homeowner at Beaver Creek.

Still love your paper and will read it every day I am there.

Dan Hogan

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