Vail Daily letter: Roundabout really needed? |

Vail Daily letter: Roundabout really needed?

I’m sure the planners for the Edwards Highway 6 roundabout can justify a $1 million fee to study the project. After all, they will need comparative information from on-site visits to roundabouts in Hawaii, Nantucket and perhaps even Paris. They and their team have to see the Etoile at the Arc de Triomphe, where cars can spend hours driving in circles trying to exit across several lanes.

The relatively higher density on Highway 6 compared to the cross streets, with future “Level F” traffic (whatever that means), will make it fun to watch cars try to enter and exit the roundabout, much less pedestrians and bikers trying to cross.

This assumes that a roundabout is a foregone conclusion, and here I agree with Mr. Carnes. At that point people will wish that Edwards had kept the traffic lights. And millions will have been spent beyond the feasibility study.

David Kellogg


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