Vail Daily letter: Rude editorial |

Vail Daily letter: Rude editorial

I was at the hearing for the petitions on the Haymeadow development. Those who presented the citizen objections were anything but boneheaded. I think it was rude and counter-productive for the Vail Daily’s editor to call them that. They made a clear-headed presentation. They made mistakes, but at least they tried, instead of sitting on the sidelines griping. And they were, of course, amateurs! What else are most of us citizens? We don’t have the money to hire lawyers as the developers do. Frankly, I think the laws are ridiculously stringent. The time spent on worrying about uncopied pages was ridiculous. I applaud the town employee who saved paper by not copying the unused portion of the petitions. I applaud those citizens who tried to make a difference. Calling them bone-headed and clumsy will certainly not encourage the rest of us to come forward in the future. How about holding some of your journalistic scorn for those who have never seen a development they didn’t like.

Katherine Delanoy

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