Vail Daily letter: Rudeness at Freedom Park |

Vail Daily letter: Rudeness at Freedom Park

I am totally frustrated at what goes on along the walking/bike path by Miller Ranch and Freedom Park in Edwards.

We walk there daily with our two dogs. It is becoming more dangerous because of the bicyclists who won’t slow down or let you know they are coming. They swoosh by you at great speed oblivious that they have just scared the you-know-what out of you and give you no time to move your dog over.

Our route then goes around Freedom Lake. I remember when this was developed as a beautiful spot to walk, sit and bring your dog. It has morphed into a designated off-leash dog park. I think that’s great! The dogs and owners alike love it here.

Unfortunately, one of my dogs has been severely attacked by an unattended dog; thus the dog is fearful of large dogs who come up fast and in her face.

I have mentioned to other large-dog owners that she is fearful and most of them are courteous, understanding and call their dogs. I have encountered a few who tell me this is a dog park and I shouldn’t bring my dogs here.

This morning, a dog was let out of the car at the dog park, ran up to us and jumped on top of our dogs. The owner came sauntering down the hill. When she saw the dog jump up on me, she finally said, “Don’t jump.”

I told her one of the dogs was freaked by a big dog jumping on them. She became quite arrogant and rude, telling us this is an off-leash dog park and that my dogs should not be there if they are afraid.

I must have had a previous discussion with this woman as she told us we weren’t Coloradans and to go back to California where we belong.

We have just as much right to be walking around the pond as anyone, and I resent the arrogance and rudeness that seems to be abound around this area.

Wise up, folks — this is Freedom Park.

Robin Rudy


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