Vail Daily letter: Run free at Freedom Park |

Vail Daily letter: Run free at Freedom Park

In response to the “Rudeness at Freedom Park” letter (June 28):

My name is Snowy Winter, and I am an overly friendly Labradoodle. I wake up each morning and beg my parents to take me to the wonderful off-leash dog park at Freedom Park. I am so lucky the park is there for myself and my other 100-plus furry friends. Some towns have banned off-leash parks, but Edwards has allowed dogs off leash in the same area since the park was established. I love off-leash dog parks. As long as I don’t jump on people or bite anyone, I can do almost anything else I want to do. I can roll around, jump into the water, I can wrestle with other dogs and I can run up to them full speed just to smell their butts. Life is so good at dog parks! I especially love the little timid dogs from California because their owners yell loudly, which gets me even more excited. If the little dogs don’t want me to play with them, their owners usually pick them up and I have to turn away to find another playmate.

So my point is — the off-leash dog park is exactly designed for me to enjoy myself off leash along with all my other furry friends. So come run free, my furry brothers large and small, at Freedom Park.

Long live off-leash dog parks!

Kimberly Shikverg

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