Vail Daily letter: Sackbauer for water board |

Vail Daily letter: Sackbauer for water board

I would like you to join me in voting for Rick Sackbauer, District 1 director for the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District. He has many years of firsthand experience in the delivery of potable water and the handling of wastewater in the Vail Valley. His institutional knowledge is an invaluable asset to the district and us as customers that we need to retain.

Whether it is the acquisition of water sources or dealing with water quality issues, these are complex issues that demand a great deal of research and careful consideration. I was able to attend the March meeting of the Water and Sanitation District and observed Rick in the role of chair of that meeting. Mr. Sackbauer demonstrated his well-honed knowledge of the agenda items before the district that day and ran what I thought was a very productive and professional meeting. That is the type of leadership we need to support in this election. Rick Sackbauer has earned and deserves our vote as a director of the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District.

Matt Heimerich

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