Vail Daily letter: Sackbauer for water board

I am writing this letter in support of re-electing Rick Sackbauer to the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District Board.

I have known Rick for over 30 years. We have been on different sides of specific issues over the years. Our differences aside, Rick has had extensive experience with water issues and concerns in western Colorado and Eagle County specifically. He does his homework and is a knowledgeable and experienced participant in water discussions. I hold him in high esteem and trust in his ability to listen, analyze the facts and make informed decisions.

There are some significant water rights challenges coming up from other states in the near future and I believe right now, in the present time, Rick is the correct choice to lead the water district and protect our water rights and interests as they relate to individuals, municipalities, Eagle County, western Colorado and Colorado needs.

George A. Brodin

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