Vail Daily letter: Sad rant |

Vail Daily letter: Sad rant

It’s a sad rant that Henry Bornstein wrote (“The law of the land,” Valley Voices, May 16). To set up a straw man, “America falling to fascism” and, “It’s quickly approaching,” and then to try to knock it down with quotes from Jefferson explaining his personal feelings on separation and Jesus is quite parochial, not to mention ludicrous. Why not quote another president, John Adams: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

More meaningful for today would be to consider the case history of freedom of religion (“Congress shall pass no law”) generally only being restricted when there is a general law restricting every person in the US. For example, no peyote smoking in native American religion because no citizen is allowed to smoke it. Recent cases before the Supreme Court may set new limits on religion. People may not be allowed to follow their religion in not celebrating gay marriage, and some Catholic institutions (not churches) may have to provide contraception against their beliefs. These cases defining and bounding religious freedom in our country are meaningful to consider and debate.

Could some of Jesus’ principles bear on our political process? How about love your neighbor, or love your enemy, or give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, or blessed are the humble of heart, or blessed are the peacemakers, or even let you light shine before others. Well, OK. But no one will be establishing a “biblically” based government “replacing the Constitution” anytime soon. It must be quite sad to live with such fears. Railing against this could mostly easily be seen as a tactic to try to prevent Christians from simply participating in government.

Cory Douglas


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