Vail Daily letter: Safety issue in Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Safety issue in Avon

Now that almost half the county has expressed their dissatisfaction with the green aspen leaves in downtown Avon, my only question on that subject is will they be painted gold as we approach fall?

More importantly, we have a safety issue at the Route 6/Beaver Creek roundabout that desperately needs addressing. I drive through this roundabout regularly to join 20-30 of my newest best friends to play pickleball on the fabulous Avon courts. The problem is when you’re approaching said roundabout heading west, the left lane is clearly marked for traffic heading west or turning left to Beaver Creek. The right lane has no markings and should be marked for right turns only as Route 6 heading west out of the circle immediately drops to one lane. The lack of markings on the right lane results in people getting in that lane to continue west. I have been in several near fender benders and would very much like to avoid same. Our recent call to the town of Avon resulted in a promise to fix this problem but to date we have seen no results. But we do have what many people view as a mess in front of the Post Office.

So whoever is in charge of putting arrows on the street in Avon, can you get a new can of paint open?

Mike Kieler


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