Vail Daily letter: Save Red Cliff |

Vail Daily letter: Save Red Cliff

Does Red Cliff suck? No! Why have I lived here for 35 years? There is a business that wants to move into town that’s going to make everything even better for us. Take an image of a “real” snowmobile/ATV operation (Camp Hale) and picture in the heart of our beloved community of Red Cliff — wall to wall. Maybe in a couple of years we’ll see a parking structure with machines and employee parking three stories tall. Has the humble business that’s been operating in town been a successful experiment? Has the experience improved your quality of life? Enhanced your day to day living, or enriched your property values?

Yeah, Red Cliff really sucks (not). What can we do to make it better? How about doubling the population every weekend (Man of the Cliff)? We need some noise; not a lot, just enough so you feel the comfort of I-70. I love the sound of snowmobile skis on asphalt and in the summer the dust of a thousand camels, except when the road gets tracked up with mud (the town will take care of that). Picking up the mail won’t be a problem; the cop we’ll hire to manage the influx will be paid for by the new tax revenue. (Calm down! A space will open soon.) We’ll show those Vail snobs; we won’t charge for plastic bags. Maybe we can fill balloons with fossil fuel exhaust for the kids. Our property values will bounce back after the deflated residences are sold for pennies and forgotten.

Are the people pulling the strings to guide this circus your friends? Do they have your interests close to their hearts? You say, “Live and let live.” They say, “We know a way to make a whole lot of money and I hope you stay out of my way”.

Poor business decisions are falling all over each other. One seems to beget the next. We are each responsible for ourselves. If you give up your town, you only have yourself to blame. Only you can protect your interests. Consumer beware — you will be fleeced. What has happened to the ghosts of Black Hawk? Where are the children? How many families forced out is OK?

People ask, “So what kind of business would you propose?” I don’t know, a freaking petting zoo.

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How about having a community? Let’s find a way to not screw up what we have. What or who is making our property values go up? I know of eight vacation homes. Nice — less traffic, more value with peace and quiet into the future with self-determination instead of harnessed to a bad business idea.

I would suggest going all the way — ban all motorized recreational vehicle rentals from Red Cliff. Save all the homes. We could be the “green” mountain community — the folks that care about all their neighbors. Save the Turkey Creek Road residences from the wolves.

Jake Spears

Red Cliff

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