Vail Daily letter: Save the Bustang |

Vail Daily letter: Save the Bustang

I have heard that there are factions in the Legislature who want to cut out the Bustang. Speaking as a senior citizen who no longer drives, I see this as one more case of some wanting to push those of us who are less able or less affluent out of the way. We of older ages need to keep our independence as long as possible, and being able to get to Denver on our own is a real plus — museums, ballgames, doctor appointments, the Botanical Gardens, and so much more. I have been able to visit my son in Boulder by making an easy transfer. The Bustang was filled up most of the way to Denver and back. How’s that for keeping cars off the road? This great mode of transportation, with helpful, friendly drivers, even has a restroom! Why in the world would any legislator want to take this away from us?

Kay Delanoy


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