Vail Daily letter: Saving the kids |

Vail Daily letter: Saving the kids

Dennis Geraghty made a number of foolish remarks in his attack on Butch Mazzuca in the Jan. 27 Daily. I’ll focus on the gun issue he raised. Geraghty had Mazzuca valuing the right to bear arms over the right of children to grow up. That’s what is called a false choice.

Geraghty said “ … We’re killing our kids for God’s sake.” Speak for yourself, Dennis. I do not include myself in the small group that endangers kids with guns, or with anything else for that matter. I do join with others who see the need for an armed citizenry to help protect against those who would harm us.

Notice that in a lot of the shooting incidents it’s all over in minutes, or even seconds. Usually, only those at the scene are in a position to offer relief. Like the recent occurrence at Arapahoe High School, which was over in 80 seconds. Luckily, there was an armed deputy sheriff and a security guard nearby, whose appearance seems to have caused the shooter to kill himself. Before he had a chance to harm more people with all the ammo, Molotov cocktails and machete he was carrying.

What do we do when there’s no cops around when we need them?

The Dec. 22 Denver Post had an editorial that quoted Gov. Hickenlooper as pointing out that far more kids are killed by swimming pools than by guns at school. The figure NBC came up with was an average of 23 kids killed by guns at school each year, vs 140 killed in swimming pools in 2012. Why isn’t Geraghty worked up about the pool problem? It’s causing havoc on the right of kids to grow up, as he puts it.

Terry Quinn


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