Vail Daily letter: Saying goodbye |

Vail Daily letter: Saying goodbye

After 20 years in the Vail Valley, our family of seven is moving to the Republic of Boulder at the end of the week. We have been saying our goodbyes all summer, but there are many that have touched our lives for the good over the years that we have not been able to reconnect with and thank in person, so we would like to do so here.

Thank you to the Eagle County School District teachers, dedicated staff and administration for providing a quality public education for our boys that has prepared them well to reach the goals they have set for themselves. We all have those special teachers who impacted our lives in significant ways. Thank you Yuri Kurronen for turning Ben’s education experience around — he loves to learn because of you. Thank you to Lisa Fullhart, for the fifth-grade biathlon! It taught each of my boys that exercise can be fun and that if you work at something you can accomplish more than you thought was possible. Thank you to Leah Stevenson and Mary Brown at the Eagle County Charter Academy for truly caring for and about Will during a time when being his teacher was no picnic. He has officially turned the corner and you are big reason he was able to do so. Thank you Jason Mills, civics teacher extraordinaire and kayak guru. Our boys know and care more about their government than 95 percent of their fellow citizens and that will serve them and their communities well into the future.

Thank you to the dozens of volunteer and school sports coaches that have coached our boys over the past 15 years in soccer, baseball, basketball, football, swimming, cross country, track and skiing. What a wonderful place to grow up with adults who will volunteer their time and talents to mentor the next generation.

On an adult note, Bill and I would like to thank the Gallegos brothers and their families for the distinct opportunity we both had to work for The Gallegos Corporation. What a pleasure to work for a company that truly gives back to its community. The Ponder family and the Vail Valley are better off for knowing of and will continue to benefit from the generosity of Gerald Gallegos. I would like to also thank the 600-plus employees of Eagle County that I had the pleasure of working with over the past five years. I learned so much from so many of you. The citizens of Eagle County, especially those who have fallen on hard times, are well served by a dedicated county staff. Stay well.

Finally, thank you to the many people in Eagle Ranch who helped our family watch over my mother these past few years as she dealt with early onset dementia. She was able to stay independent much longer because of all of you who kept an eye on her and her silly dogs.

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The Ponders — Bill, Lisa, Logan, Ben, Will, Josh and Grandma Rae

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