Vail Daily letter: School needs funds |

Vail Daily letter: School needs funds

I wanted to take a moment to thank Jason Glass the Eagle County School Superintendent for his forthcoming candor at the Red Sandstone PTO meeting on Nov. 9. As a parent, I was torn on the Colorado Marijuana Legalization Amendment, yet 1.3 million Coloradoans voted to pass it by a mere 55 percent. Knowing that the funds were earmarked for schools’ infrastructure, I voted “yes.” I now realize (thanks to Mr. Glass) that none of the $81 million year-to-date marijuana taxes will ever be spent on Red Sandstone’s almost 40-year-old infrastructure or, for that matter, on any other Eagle County school. Why? According to Mr. Glass, our Eagle County Schools are simply too wealthy.

Add that to the fact that the mill levy didn’t pass and once again Red Sandstone is in yet another budget crisis.

The PTO shouldn’t have to pay for the Spanish teacher, the school counselor and even the school’s soap. The public needs to know that the magical marijuana taxes are not coming to save any school in Eagle County.

Personally, I’d love to see some out-of-the-box thinking for our local school funding. Why can’t we vote to allocate some of the paid-off town of Vail parking structure income for Vail’s only public school? Why not reallocate funding from the 1 percent Town of Vail Real Estate transfer taxes? The town has money, as we know. We are spending around $1 million on brand new pickleball courts and more bathrooms.

Vail is constantly spending millions on public art, fountains, etc. I understand that getting money from the town directly into the coffers of RSES is no easy task.

I’m all for local affordable housing and bringing families back to Vail. I just hope we have a school in Vail for them and our whole community. If not, are we even a town anymore or just a resort?

Heather Priebe

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