Vail Daily letter: Schwartz for Congress |

Vail Daily letter: Schwartz for Congress

Water will be a top issue for Colorado’s foreseeable future, and that’s one of the many reasons why I will vote for Gail Schwartz for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District. She understands the importance of water conservation and went straight to work as soon as she entered the Colorado Senate, developing a great record on water issues as a senator.

Gail chaired the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Committee — where water bills get their most detailed hearings. During her time in the Senate, she sponsored more than 30 water bills, on key issues such as water conservation, quality, rights, graywater use and wastewater treatment. She also chaired the Water Resources Review Committee, where lawmakers and water specialists tour the state and study water issues in depth.

We will need Gail’s expertise more than ever as we plan for the decades to come. Estimates say Colorado will grow nearly 50 percent in population by 2040, adding 2.5 million people. This means we’ll need more food, which requires water to produce, and of course enough clean drinking water for everybody. Since most of the growth will happen along the Front Range, we also must make sure diversion projects don’t drain our water supplies in Southern and Western Colorado.

This will be a real challenge, requiring innovative solutions, and Gail’s already shown the ability to do just that. She sponsored a bill allowing agricultural users to conserve water without losing water rights. She also sponsored a bipartisan bill that created our statewide Water Plan, a process that required input from the public.

I know Gail will make wise decisions on water supplies and water quality in Congress, and she deserves your vote.

Jane Lowery


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