Vail Daily letter: Schwartz part of the problem |

Vail Daily letter: Schwartz part of the problem

In politics, the facts can often get caught up and overlooked amid hyperbole and campaign slogans. It troubles me when we the voters do not get the whole story.

The Denver Post Fact-checked Congressman Tipton’s campaign ad that highlights Gail Schwartz’s legislative agenda and how it “devastated” coal communities in Colorado, particularly Delta County. They found Scott’s ad to be “mostly true.”

She sponsored legislation that directly led to the decline of coal production not only within our state, but also within her own State Senate district.

Obama’s Clean Power Plan, the Paris Climate Agreement, and international markets have all played a role in the decline of coal, but around half of our coal production is burned right here in Colorado. Passing legislation that mandates burning less coal in Colorado will mean less coal is produced in Colorado. It is as simple as that and Gail Schwartz should have known better than to sponsor bills that hurt Colorado businesses and consumers.

Getting coal communities working again will be no easy task. But stopping our never-ending regulatory attack on coal is a start. Schwartz was part of the problem, not the solution, in the State Senate and I expect more of the same if she is elected to Congress.

Electing Scott Tipton will enable him to continue his work in the US Congress protecting jobs vital to Northwest Colorado.

Chuck McConnell

Steamboat Springs

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