Vail Daily letter: Scum alert |

Vail Daily letter: Scum alert

Monday, Sept. 5 (Labor Day), late at night, someone decided to rifle through multiple cars in my parking lot at 2334 South Frontage Road. Upon getting into my vehicle, he or she stole my white Dodge pickup, then proceeded to drive to the Intermountain area. The person then plowed into two parked vehicles. My truck is totaled as well as one other car. The person puked on my passenger-side floorboard, injured his head on the rearview mirror and bled all over my truck. He ran away, leaving blood trail.

Anyone with knowledge of this accident or who this individual with head injuries is, please call me at 970-471-4096 or contact Vail police or the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. I don’t need this B.S. at 66 years in life. I want to find this person badly.

Thank you to all the good people in Vail for some help.

David Brozovsky

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