Vail Daily letter: Selfish reasoning

I am a very selfish person.

Presently, the fire station in Avon is located about a block away from the building in which I live. Moving it to the frontage road, next to Northside Kitchen near the Interstate 70 roundabout, will mean that it will be much closer to the Wildridge area, much closer to the building on Nottingham Road that burned down a few years ago, and will allow fire personnel to access Edwards to Minturn much quicker by being able to access Interstate 70 quicker.

However, it also means that it will take longer for fire personnel to get to me where I live! Because I am selfish, I don’t want that to happen. I don’t care about others. I only care about myself. I want the fire station closer to me, to protect me!

Plus, I don’t want homeowners to pay an additional approximate $2 per month, less than a cup of coffee per month, on a $250,000 valued property, to allow for a new fire station to house the ladder truck that is presently housed in Cordillera. I don’t care if it takes 20 minutes for that truck to get to Avon to help fight fires. I only care about homeowners being able to save that money each month!

Even though I used to own multiple properties in Avon, today I am a second-class citizen, according to Peter Buckley of the Eagle County Times, because I am a lowly renter. And, again, because I am selfish, I don’t want my rent to go up to pay to replace the antiquated fire station that is only a block away from me.

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Also, I do not want the Avon Police Department to move from its antiquated facility a block away from me either, even though that vote will not increase anyone’s taxes. Please do not vote to upgrade the police facility and move it closer to the people on Nottingham Road and the people in Wildridge. I don’t care if it takes the cops longer to arrive at their homes in times of trouble, again, because I am selfish!

If you vote “no” on both of these proposals Tuesday, I win, and that’s all I care about!

Selfishly yours,

Michael Cacioppo


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