Vail Daily letter: Sensationalistic front page |

Vail Daily letter: Sensationalistic front page

The front page of (Wednesday’s) paper, with “Could pot outsell skiing?” emblazoned on top of a photo of a worker rolling joints, serves no purpose other than to sensationalize and bring to the forefront an issue that the town of Vail has worked diligently to minimize.

The reality is that you won’t find pot in Vail. It’s not on every street corner, or even anywhere within the town limits. As a real estate professional, I have been asked about this issue and have confronted this objection numerous times. I have been able to counter the objections that families have by educating them about the fact that the town of Vail has proactively legislated the marijuana industry in order to minimize its presence in our town.

Your sensationalistic headline and front page photo has ensured that marijuana is now front and center in every business, restaurant and hotel in town — and all during the busiest time of year. Giving the people who own marijuana businesses the clever moniker of “ganjapreneurs” makes it seem as if it is a lark, rather than a serious and heavily regulated business.

You don’t need to stoop to these levels — you don’t have any competition, and your paper is free for our visitors, thanks to the rates paid by advertisers. Should you feel that this is, indeed, newspaper worthy information, it would seem more sensitive to put it within the paper, rather than putting it on the front page. We are a resort town, and all of our livelihoods depend upon families seeing the Vail Valley as an appropriate destination.

Heather Rawlings

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