Vail Daily letter: Services will still be needed |

Vail Daily letter: Services will still be needed

The Vail Daily’s July 13 Our View, “Let’s Get Started,” encourages the town of Vail or a consortium of Eagle County communities to acquire the Meadow Mountain Forest Service ranger station to build employee housing. Certainly this is a prime and very convenient location for employee housing.

It is essential that the purchaser and developer be required to provide the services this site now offers its many users. These include parking, restrooms and a Forest Service/Walking Mountains information center.

There is a need for trailhead parking including adequate area for motorized trail users trucks and trailers, people who use this parking lot as a transition area for everything from road biking the Leadville Loop (now referred to as the Cooper Triangle), Eagle River rafters, kayakers, fishermen, mountain bikers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers, many of whom play on Meadow Mountain. Also, parking is needed for those who use the lot as a staging/meeting area to carpool from the lot to work or to adventure elsewhere in Eagle, Summit and Lake counties.

The restrooms are an obvious need.

Finally, it is extremely important to provide a building to house a staffed information office. Locals and tourists regularly visit the Forest Service office to gather information, maps and books for planning trips, getting the latest update on trails, purchasing firewood and Christmas tree permits and asking advice on best places to have the experience they are looking for. Currently Walking Mountains Science Center also staffs this information center.

It is important the Meadow Mountain location continue to provide the infrastructure we all need to facilitate our enjoyment of the recreational areas surrounding Meadow Mountain.

Lee Rimel

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