Vail Daily letter: Share our neighborhood |

Vail Daily letter: Share our neighborhood

A great plus to living in Wildridge is seeing wildlife almost everyday. Unfortunately, many of the people that live up here have no regard as to sharing this beautiful area with them. Last week, I was thrilled to see two young does with spots and their mother grazing nearby. This morning as I drove up Metcalf my heart broke as I saw a little spotted doe dead in the ditch. These roads are not speedways. Are you so inconsiderate of your surroundings that you continue to disregard the great possibility that there could be a deer standing at the edge of the road or crossing!? I hope the idiot self-serving speed freak has some kind of conscience for killing this doe. People, please embrace where you live and understand you are privileged to share this area with the wildlife. You killed a beautiful baby for what? To get home five minutes faster than before? Disgraceful.

Jeri Penland

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