Vail Daily letter: Share the road |

Vail Daily letter: Share the road

To those inconsiderate cyclists riding through Singletree Monday evening:

It is unbelievable to me how some bicyclists can be so incredibly inconsiderate and downright foolish. Monday evening, I left my home in Singletree, driving west on Berry Creek Road. While stopped at the four-way stop at Winslow, a group of perhaps 20 cyclists descending Winslow rounded the corner without stopping and proceeded west, riding as many as four abreast blocking the street. I was stuck behind them and then sandwiched between two groups of riders going at times only 20 mph. Some casually talked as they rode, oblivious to everything but themselves while blowing through the stop sign at Charolais. This total lack of consideration made me angry. And me, a cyclist! This is not the first time I’ve witnessed such arrogance as cyclists block a road riding three to four abreast. I can only imagine the outrage of non-cyclists. It is because of people like you that cyclists like me get run off the road! Please be considerate of those sharing the road and allow space for drivers to pass.

Dennis Jones

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