Vail Daily letter: Share your opinion |

Vail Daily letter: Share your opinion

On Monday night, to a room filled with haters, undecideds and supporters, Tim McGuire carefully presented a well-detailed development plan by Crave Community Co. to a Minturn town councilman (George Brodin) and many Minturn residents and stakeholders.

Irrespective of anyone’s opinion of the project, I believe I can speak for most in the room regarding the surprise and awe we felt when the magnitude and scale of the development was outlined. Additionally, when the fine detail was gone through, it appeared to be a mix of many types of real estate, and included (by some estimates) between 1,200 and 1,500 new units. Indeed, a local civil engineer later told me “this will be bigger development and undertaking than Eagle Ranch.”

Furthermore, the wide ranging and ambling area of proposed development encompassing the high ground west of town, winding between Martin Creek and Grouse Creek, seemed to go west, then north and south for miles, and reminded me of exclusive hamlets of Bachelor Gulch. This portion of the proposal was in stark contrast to the high-density housing idea for many hundreds of units along Highway 24 in the Martin Creek area and the “behind SteamMaster” area along the unpaved road to the water treatment plant in Maloit Park — including many units on the hillside between the two.

Also, Tim introduced a proposal to “flood Bolts Lake” creating a reservoir “three times the size of Nottingham Lake” along Tigiwon Road. Additionally, he stated a hotel is proposed to be built there, along with many hundreds of housing units. By some estimates, if the proposal were to go ahead as is, Minturn’s population would go from about 790 to 4,000-plus.

I find it curious that I cannot find these detailed and enormous building plans Tim went over with our group of 50 or so attendees on the Crave Company website, or in (Tuesday’s) Vail Daily’s “Big land swap idea floated in Minturn” article. I wish others who are interested can pore through this information and ask tough questions before anything is decided.

The prospect of a “new,” “updated” and “contemporary” Minturn may excite or repulse you; but make no mistake — this development, if approved in its current state, will change Minturn forever.

It would surely enable Minturn to improve infrastructure, increase business and tax revenue, and lead it into a brand new age. Also, it assuredly would clog trailheads, ensure lost gritty Minturn character, crush local ecology, increase traffic on the road through town, give us new (not as good?) land, and harm the long legacy of continued generations of Minturn families.

I suggest we all continue to push the Crave Company, and hope they make public these detailed plans, so we all can make informed suggestions to Minturn council people who will decide on our behalf the evening of March 2. I’ve formulated my opinion, and told my councilman — please inform them of yours.

Tim Caudill

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