Vail Daily letter: Sharing our valley |

Vail Daily letter: Sharing our valley

This is an open letter to the pickleball players of the Vail Valley regarding the article on Wednesday. The sharing of recreational spaces and the discourse that follows is as old as play itself. Here in the valley our active lifestyles often come in contact with individuals that do not share our passions, whether it is hunters and hikers or residents and pickleball players. Our valley is full of wonderful opportunities to stay active, and it is unfortunate to hear that such a popular game has caused such a rift among the residents and the players. Now I am not a seasoned pickleball player, however in my limited exposure to this sport, I have found the pickleball community to be friendly, welcoming and very supportive. I have witnessed veteran players willing to teach beginners and I have seen an increased opportunity to play this new sport as a number of areas have created brand new pickleball courts.

Opportunities to get fit, be fit and stay fit are what this valley is all about, and our recreational spaces can always be shared — it just takes compromise and understanding. In the meantime, I’d like to invite pickleball players to join me in Avon. The courts are new and they have play in the evenings at the elementary school. I know I will be playing in Avon.

Steven Carlson

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