Vail Daily letter: Sharing the trail |

Vail Daily letter: Sharing the trail

With the nice weather we’ve been having and the trails opening, I wanted to share a piece of information that will help user groups share the trails in a responsible, safe manner. At the end of the day, we’re all out there for the same reasons and we all want to enjoy our public lands. My preferred method is on a dirt bike. Among that user group, we have a system of hand signals that I have been realizing is unique to our user group. However, if other user groups were aware, we’d all have a safer, more responsible experience.

The idea is that you hold up fingers for the number of people behind you. This is extremely valuable information in that you know how many people are in the oncoming group. For example, if I was the leader of a group of three riders, I would hold up two fingers, indicating two riders behind me; the next guy would hold up one finger and so on. If I were riding alone or was the last rider in the group, I would hold up a closed fist, as in zero people behind me.

I hope this helps keep our trails safer for all user groups. Now get out there and have a great summer!

Joe O’Malley


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