Vail Daily letter: Shatter the glass ceilings |

Vail Daily letter: Shatter the glass ceilings

Heads up, women: Young and old, shed your burkas, hijabs, head scarves and uncomfortable bras, pantyhose and high heels if you wish; put down that Bible, Koran, prayer-book, or whatever and listen up.

Name a single world religion founded, staffed and organized exclusively for the benefit of women. You can’t? No surprise, for neither can I.

If you are fed up being treated like chattel, often forced to breed like cattle, denied equal rights, and not being paid equal wages for equal work then come together and shatter the glass ceilings that have enslaved you for centuries by understanding that there are no gods at all, and organized religion is simply a very powerful tool used to perpetuate male dominance.

The German expression: “Kinder, Kuche, Kirche” (Children, kitchen, church), denotes the role far too many men would like to see played by women in society.

Thousands of years ago the male of the species figured out the best way to keep women in their “proper” place was to deny them access to education and voting rights, keep them pregnant and caring for children, doing housework, and if they ever complained the robed nutcakes who ran the churches/mosques/temples would tell them it was their duty to follow what men dictated; and if they did not behave they would be stoned, burned at the stake and sent right to hell.

From what I read in the newspaper these days, it seems to me that the far right wing of the Republican Party now holds sway and thinks that women have become far too “uppity.” These folks, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for example, resemble the Taliban in word and deed; and if given the opportunity would like to reverse all the strides women have made in this country over the last century.

Keep this reality in mind when you go to the polls this November to vote for women and men who you would like to represent you in both houses of Congress, and most importantly for the next president of the United States.

Peter Bergh


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