Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer |

Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer

Eagle County voters have an opportunity this November to make a great choice for Treasurer: Teak Simonton. Teak has brought a new level of enthusiasm, transparency and voter engagement to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office during her 13 years serving as our county clerk. It is my opinion that due largely to her efforts, Eagle County now serves as a model throughout Colorado for how a clerk’s office and function should be run. She actively partners with leaders of other county departments, and leads on the county’s behalf when working with other counties and the state. Should that same level of leadership be brought to the Treasurer’s Office, which has historically lacked the openness and engagement taxpayers deserve, it would be a very good thing!

Teak’s previous business, budgeting and bookkeeping experience, combined with her proven background as county clerk and her strong working relationship with other counties and state government, make her a perfect choice for county treasurer. I wholeheartedly encourage Eagle County voters to cast your votes for Teak Simonton in November.

Rob Kilgore

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