Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer |

Vail Daily letter: Simonton for treasurer

Recently, I spent two wonderful weeks visiting my former home, family, and friends who are privileged enough to live in the Vail Valley. While there, I learned that Eagle County is fortunate to have an incredibly talented candidate for treasurer, Teak Simonton. Let me provide a personal example of observing Teak’s leadership as county clerk and why I would endorse her.

During my time in Eagle, I worked with a non-partisan group on voter registration. One of our goals was to present a history of voting rights to age-eligible students in the county’s high schools. Teak’s support was remarkable. She accompanied us to classes, presented registration information, and encouraged the students to become active citizens with an appreciation for the history of voting and how so many heroic people in our past have sacrificed in order to make voting possible for the students themselves. Her enthusiasm for our program reflected her commitment to assuring that all who are eligible exercise their right and are encouraged to vote.

Teak’s dedication to customer service was evident when I had occasion to visit the clerk’s office for various matters. Her staff listens, is responsive, and goes out of their way to solve problems.

Teak’s management of elections, a complex job that demands accuracy, transparency, and effective communication is, in my view, seamless and efficient.

I cannot think of a better candidate for treasurer than Teak. She manages with the citizenry in mind, is collaborative, smart, and approachable. Her background is in finance — a perfect match for the treasurer role. If I were living in Eagle, then I would certainly support and vote for Teak.

Katha Hartley

Walnut Creek, California

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