Vail Daily letter: Simple solution |

Vail Daily letter: Simple solution


Every once in a while, government gets something right. In this case, the town of Vail did.

For many years, there have been problems with dogs running into the playground at Bighorn Park in East Vail, usually right after swimming in the lake, and either shaking water all over unsuspecting children and parents or just running around the area having fun. This often caused some harsh words and conflict between dog owners who claimed their dogs were unable to read the signs saying they were not allowed in the playground and children and parents who did not want dogs in that area.

Now, thanks to the wisdom of the town, there is a fabulous gate preventing dogs from entering and keeping children in the playground safely. On behalf of dog owners and parents who use and love Bighorn Park, thank you to the town and the designer of the best gate in Vail!

Carol L. Goldstein


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