Vail Daily letter: Sinister motives |

Vail Daily letter: Sinister motives

Jared Polis is in a pro-active mode to extend his “career” as a Colorado U.S. representative in the reactivation of his pet project, “Hidden Gems.” In our ecologically minded corner of the world, the term “wilderness” is a catchword for “mother nature” or “conservation,” and therefore advantageous to job aspirants in a political campaign. On its face, the Polis proposal endeavors to diminish public access to federal lands in our neighborhood by designating them as “wilderness areas”; however, words (like looks) can be deceiving, and this is very much in evidence in the Polis Congressional record.

First off, the “Hidden Gems” euphemism is not about conservation in our parlance, it’s all about confiscation of the property rights of Americans that are intrinsic (part and parcel) in public lands. It deprives Americans of the beneficial use and enjoyment of those lands by the reduction of access thereto. It violates not only the constraints under the American Disabilities Act, but also the due process provisions of the 5th Amendment. Notwithstanding these egregious infringements, there is a more sinister motive involved in this madness, that being to place the regulation and control of all public lands under the auspices of the United Nations (Agenda 21) by attrition. Obama, Polis, Udall, et al., are and have been proponents of this “wilding” or property transition and during their political careers.

Likewise, and in keeping with the dictates of this U.N. agenda, Polis, Udall and Obama, et al., are proponents of the small arms treaty that Mr. Kerry has signed, which cedes jurisdiction to the U.N. over the import, export and general control by all Americans to possess, own, use and trade in firearms within the homeland and abroad — all in contravention of the strictures of the 2nd Amendment. These professional politicians simply march to the beat of a different drummer, yet mask their true intentions with homilies like it’s to preserve and protect the public lands for future generations, or it’s to enhance our general welfare and safety — like fighting terrorism. Were one to peruse through Agenda 21 regarding the shell game that is afoot, one would ask, “Why?” I would surmise that the answer from these elitists would be that the treaty is in the best interests of the world community. Then just who do these political brokers represent?

The U.N. has fomented what is commonly known as “The Law of the Sea” treaty, which cedes jurisdiction and control of our coastal waters and off-shore interests to others, even our enemies who just happen to be fellow members of this so called “altruistic” forum (U.N.). This is a blatant redistribution of wealth to the benefit of third world nations, all to the detriment of American interests. Obama, Polis, Udall and other eco-socialists are and have been proponents of this treaty. It appears that these politicians do not think that the U.S. is either much of a steward of its assets, or that the U.N. better represents the American people in world affairs. Were you to ask these job aspirants (Polis and Udall) where under the sun and the Constitution is there the authority to engage in these treaties or to cede our sovereign jurisdiction to another cartel of nations, their concerted and pat answer would probably be that there is a “new world order” or that it is implied, because we now have a “living Constitution”.

Finally, Obama, Polis and Udall are all signatories of the Affordable Care Act, which in and of itself is a violation of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and the 5th Amendment, notwithstanding the spin put on it by SCOTUS that it is a “tax.” Ergo, if you buy a product, e.g. health insurance, broccoli or what-have-you, you will pay a tax. However, if you do not buy one of these products, you will also pay a tax (not a “penalty,” but a “tax”); and only Obama, Polis, Udall and others of their ilk can rationalize this inane construction, albeit, they did not read the bill when they voted to approve it, and they wrote themselves out of its application.

Bottom line is that the U.S. Senate is tasked with the responsibility of ratifying treaties for their efficacy; the U.S. House of Representatives is the legislator for the wilding of public lands to comply with the dictates of Agenda 21. Your vote in November will be determinative of the continued sovereignty of the United States or its descent into the chaos we call the United Nations. Allow Polis and Udall to return to their villas with their lucrative pensions, and make mischief elsewhere.

Fredric Butler

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