Vail Daily letter: Skier Building aftermath |

Vail Daily letter: Skier Building aftermath

Jake (Wolf), golly, gee whiz, you sound surprised by asking where were Mr. Kogan and the others were at the start of this process? Well, maybe if you and the board were not meeting in secret and going behind the voters’ backs over this deal, and actually had a “town meeting” to get the residents’ input, thoughts or ideas, then he and all the others who voiced agreement or opposition to this deal would have gladly of been more involved in the process early on. Obviously the town spoke loud and clear over this bad deal for the town and the only thing left to do is let it expire!

I’d like to congratulate the people of Avon for voting and voicing their opinions, pros and cons on the purchase of the Skier Building. Kudos especially go out to Mr. Hunn and Mr. Kogan with their extensive backgrounds in commercial real estate, who laid it all out very clearly for us all to understand. It’s obvious this purchase of the Skier Building was not a good deal for the residents of Avon for a number of reasons, despite the misinformation put out by the Town Council and their faulty fact sheet. I think we need more people like Mr. Hunn and Mr. Kogan with their extensive, professional backgrounds and experience on the Town Council to act as a voice of reason and to help guide and mentor those on the board who don’t have the professional background or wisdom they do — maybe the Town Council could eliminate wasteful spending and unexpected cost overruns on future projects by asking for professional input and opinions from the community. Avon residents have a great, diverse set of professional backgrounds and experiences the council could utilize if the Town Council would have only asked.

Jordan Farr, that was a great article you wrote. You are wise beyond your years. It’s great to see our youth in the valley actively involved and participating on community issues like this. It’s also nice to see firsthand how great a job Battle Mountain High School teachers are doing educating our children to think outside the box and to get more involved. Thank you to all the teachers there — keep up the great work!

Jim Bahan

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